Promise Ring Vs Engagement Ring, What is the Difference?

When you decide to take your relationship to the next level, a diamond ring may be the best token and testimony. However, people always get caught up in the quagmire of choosing between a promise ring and an engagement ring. This is because promise rings and engagement rings look very similar physically, not to mention that they also share a common meaning: a commitment to another person. Therefore, it is important to understand the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring as it exerts great influence on your determination between a promise ring and an engagement ring.

Although promise rings and engagement rings have similar meanings, their actual meanings are different, and there are even more different meanings behind promise rings. In  addition, promise rings and engagement rings are also very different in terms cost, design, how they are worn, and how they are given. Here’s what you need to know about the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring.

diamond promise ring

1. Promise Ring vs Engagement RingMeaning

As you struggle with the choice of a promise ring or an engagement ring, do you have a clear understanding of the questions “what does a promise ring mean” and “what does an engagement ring mean”? Depending on the relationship you are in, a promise ring can have infinite applications and meanings, while an engagement ring has only one specific and tenacious meaning – to convey the intention to get married.

● What does a promise ring mean?

A promise ring, as the name suggests, denotes a commitment to another person. Whether you are committed to getting engaged on the road or are in a special and lasting friendship, you are allowed to give a promise ring to someone you love. In this case, a promise ring has a unique meaning to the wearer.

Pre-engagementWhen you has the idea of getting married but is forced by some practical reasons such as finances, career, and health to not be ready to actively start planning the wedding, you can indeed use a promise ring for girlfriend to show your intention to get married at some point in the future. In this case, a simple promise ring for her makes sense as a symbol of commitment, exclusivity or monogamy. Additionally, if you are not quite sure if marriage is in line with your values or belief, but still want to prove that you are in a committed relationship, then a promise ring may be the perfect choice. Of course, there are many people who will choose to wear a diamond promise ring instead of an engagement ring simply because they have a similar meaning of commitment to another person.

Friendship: If you are in the midst of a special and lasting friendship at this time, you may choose to give a promise ring to your best friend to show your support and commitment of love to each other. If you are going your separate ways geographically or celebrating a special moment in your friendship, a promise ring can be a constant reminder of the memories you share together.

Love for children: Promise rings can also be given by parents to their children as a sign of their unconditional love for them.

Religious commitment: When you believe in and follow a religion, such as Christianity, you can wear a promise ring to declare your belief in that religion and to remind you of your religious goals and commitments on a daily basis.

Abstinence: When making a promise of abstinence until marriage, you can wear a promise ring as a statement or reminder. Some celebrities who publicly mention their personal commitment to celibacy prior to marriage also choose to wear a promise ring to prove their commitment to the public.

● What does an engagement ring mean?

Unlike a promise ring, an engagement ring has only one firm meaning – when you give a diamond engagement ring to someone, you are making a romantic and faithful promise to your relatives, friends and the public that you will join together in marriage and stay with each other for the rest of your lives.