The Number 1 Secret to Improving Your Lottery Fortunes

The steel of the revolver was cold as ice as it pressed against Larry’s head, yet little drops of sweat begin to grow on his forehead and were soon trickling down his face stinging his eyes.

Now that I have finally done it, figured out how to 토토사이트 win the lottery guaranteed, I am going to die, Thought Oklahoma, Mathematics professor Larry Blair. The two gunmen prodded the hapless professor with the muzzle of the revolver and demanded that he go with them. Larry’s thoughts began to race.

My family, he thought, if I go with these guys I probably won’t see them again all because of my formula on how to win the lottery guaranteed. They were outside in the mall parking lot.

“What do you want”, he tried to stall. The vague smell of some type of food frying played around in the light breeze.

“You know what, now shut up”, snapped the smaller of the two gun men shoving the steel muzzle tighter against his head. He did know, they wanted his formula that spelled out how to win the lottery guaranteed – well not exactly guaranteed, but it had increased his chances of winning to about 48% 0r nearly 1 to 2 odds.

A Bold Decision

The professor then made a bold decision. He figured he had better chances making a break for it now in a public place, without revealing how to win the lottery guaranteed, rather than later in a private place after the gun men had beaten the secret from him. He had worked 8 years to develop his method to win the lottery. Eight years and three lottery wins later and here he was facing death. The professor grimaced, put his head down and bolted from their grasp.

He never remembered hearing the gun go off and it wasn’t until he was safely away from them that he noticed the blood spurting from his foot. Why they had shot him in the foot and not the back was a mystery, unless they just wanted to stop him and not kill him. I mean, what good would he have been to them dead unless they had the secret on how to win the lottery guaranteed.

Since that time the Professor has laid low and now sells his instructions on how to win the lottery guaranteed and lives a quiet life with his family.


Games of chance are not a chancy as they may seem at first glance. Not if you understand probability. Of course probability is not a magic bullet that can completely over come chance and give you the answer as to how to win the lottery guaranteed, but it can help us predict an event happening, such as winning the lottery.